Air transport is the service we provide to our customers for their most urgent shipments and cargos generally will be smaller dimensions shipments than shipments by. This does not mean that we are not prepared to ship larger and big volumes than by needs of our customers request us the option to depart by air.

We are prepared to have their air shipments depart on the first available flights always offering transit options and price depending on the needs that our clients require. We are aware that our customers choose this option because international transport transit time is the most important factor in their transport equations fact.

Within our air transport offer services and competitive rates for its smaller packages, Courier service even as shipments big volume and / or weight. Of course we cover all the required documentation for your shipments are not delayed whether dangerous goods or merchandise are considered secure. aemaris, S.L. Cargo & Shipping can arrange air transport of their cargo on scheduled flights or charter flight if the characteristics of their goods so require, we are available to the needs of our customers.

Like our sea shipping services cover the needs of our customers both for operations export or import of their goods for your air shipments through our network of international agents from / to all airports under the terms of purchase or sale our customers have agreed with their suppliers or customers.

Air transport is the most suitable for small dimensions cargos or very urgent shipments. We must take note that most airfreight is transported in commercial airplanes and that the characteristics of these load should not exceed height of 1.60 meters. For cargos higher than this also we have options on cargo air transport, ie airplanes with only cargo.

We also offer the option to minimize the costs of lost with additional insurance policies that guarantee the value of the goods shipped with us.

As we receive your quote request we will provide the best shipment option depending on the characteristics of your cargo considering the variables: cost and time.