Our company is ready to offer all solutions that we can find at market for maritime transport of goods for export or import, taking into account the specific of your cargo and features at competitive prices. Through our network of agents, we offer our shipping services in all commercial ports and conditions of purchase or sale agreed with suppliers or customers.

Sea transport is the most appropriate and most used to transport goods especially as it offers high capacity, competitive prices, a regular service and secure. Sea transport by container shipping is the most widely used due to its effectiveness and competitiveness.

We can offer our services for sea transport of general cargo, dangerous, special loads with extra dimensions, ro-ro cargo, sea freight or regulated temperature, all always looking for the best transportation options that offer a transit time and prices adjusted to the needs expressed by our customers.

We offer our FCL or LCL service according to our customers needs, whether for export or import, with weekly service and connections to / from the world’s leading commercial ports. Companies have regular shipments or private who have a specifics need of transport.

Each of these types of transport offers specific advantages so that the advantage of using shipments of full container FCL will be able to minimize handling of the goods from the collection at source, also taking a lower risk of incidents or damage. This will enable us faster in efforts to ship the container at the first departure available once the load has been made of the goods. And finally also guarantees greater agility in customs operations in both origin and destination since only must arrange their own merchandise.

Instead groupage sea shipments with shared container LCL facilitate the task of sea shipments for loads lower volume, which would lead to not fill the full capacity of a complete team with the adjustment costs this will entail adjusting the cost of shipping volume which will occupy the cargo within the entire equipment used, since this is shared with other loads in order to reduce costs with loads of other companies.

In addition to sea shipments services in container also we offer the option for rolling cargo or large in RoRo service or conventional, ie, types of vessels to suit the characteristics of this type of cargos. Another option that also offers for large loads with extra-dimensions and with very specific characteristics of weight and volume would make them profitable for transport would be the maritime chartering broadly would be hiring a vessel to perform the shipment of our project cargo, break bulk and bulk.

We also offer the option to minimize the costs of lost with additional insurance policies that guarantee the value of the goods shipped with us.

As we receive your quote request we will provide the best shipment option depending on the characteristics of your cargo considering the variables: cost and time.